I suppose I am another arrogant human being that thinks its existance is superior over every other life form. This is true, however I am different. I like my words to carry meaning. I believe we are all preciously connected  to each other in God’s Universe- it’s just up to us how we spend our time in said universe. It’s kind of interesting, how aimless some of us are trying very hard to fit into a block created by each other to let each being know that one life is more significant than the other. Well, I chose not to spend my existance this way. I want to worship God and thank Him for creating us and loving us all so equally. I love Him for dying for all of us ungrateful beings even though we constantly rebel against Him. In all of the submissive following, I subject myself to the only important things in life:

Art, Books, Photography, and of course Love.

I believe in the spoken word.

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